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    Thank you for your feedback, this site is still pretty much a baby and still have many things to be done. As someone who got exposed to internet forum pre 2008, this kind of layout grows on me (phpBB, myBB, vBulletin). I think this layout works well on niche, and heavily topical subject like Godot Engine. Single column with infinite scroll down / pagination works well on site like Reddit, which is a bit more on the social side.

    @Periodiclark said in All in all, Great Job!:

    The only thing that I want to see added would be a Bio in your profile so you can describe yourself there, but other than that, everything’s great, even if that doesn’t get added!

    It's actually already there (you can look at my profile), Bio, signature, and website links. However it's locked behind level as a way to deter spam accounts while rewarding participation. You level up by gaining reputations, as for now the only way to get reputations is by getting upvotes :gok:.