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    Release is the space where you can proudly share your completed Godot projects with the community. Whether you've just launched your first game or released a major update to an existing project, this subforum is the perfect place to showcase your hard work and celebrate your accomplishments.

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    Whew, ok so, to preface this like a lil readme:
    Jackpot is my personal end-goal project as a developer, a top-down rpg akin to Spiral Knights with elements from Devil May Cry and a weapon roster that's arguably more varied.

    I have an amount of experience programming with Godot but I'm still learning stuff so it'll be a while before I get to make this real

    I also started on the project yesterday so uhh 🙂

    Character Controller and Movement:
    From my list of things to complete, I've already implemented basic movement, dashing, mouse look and health.

    I'm going to work on an inventory system and a save system next, which will include test items such as: materials, armour, weapons, throwables/consumables, stat boosters.

    I'll start researching more about how signalbuses work in the meanwhile because I'll most likely need to use it for the inventory system, along with making a class for items and crafting, to make weapons and stuff.

    Anyways, I probably won't be able to work on it today as I'm going on a 50k walk, I'll update once I have implemented saving and an inventory.

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    Game Jams are exciting events that challenge developers to create games within a limited timeframe. This subforum is dedicated to discussing, participating in, and celebrating the magic of game jams!

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